Vicdrift Open Practice Day Calder Park Raceway 29/03/2014


Its been so long since Ive drifted now, i went to a practice day today to watch a couple of mates and took quite a few photos.

The first session i watched Calders walls claimed 3 victims and there were more throughout the day i havnt had the pleasure of drifting Calder before but i think anyone would be weary of all the concrete around.

Tyre Rack – First Welding Project

Requirements Materials
1.  3 Levels for Tyres 2 Lengths of 40mmx40mm 8m 1.6mm
2. 4 Tyres per level Difficulty
3. Suit 4×17 inch Rims with a 235/45/17 tyre inflated 2/10
My first welding project was to make a Tyre rack, so i made some measurements and got some steel cut up, unfortunately my measurements were wrong i only added the profile of the tyre twice to the calculated diameter so i was about 100mm short on the diameter doh and i realized this of course after i had put the first level in so i cut it apart and moved the level down this also meant i had to extend the top of the tyre rack as well.For my first solo welding job i thought i did Ok 70% of the welds were nice. If you were thinking of making a tyre rack from my beginners experience i rated it at 2/10 difficulty and that was with me messing up the measurements.
16′ on Bottom Level, 17′ on Middle and Top

Vicdrift Championship Round 2


The weather was good until after lunch and then the showers began, the competitors gave it there best and put on a good show. I brought the tripod and video camera and took about 50 minutes after lunch check out the video below.


Last 5 Months


Its been a while since an update, Matsuri is long past and was a great weekend as normal had some issues, my seat broke had to pull it apart and re-weld and reinforce it.
Since Matsuri i haven’t been to many drift days taken a little break, I did take the Silvia down the the drag strip at Calder Park just to see what it could do first time on the drag strip got three runs best run was 12.64 for quarter mile was good to try but most likely wont be back.

Car is in reasonable condition few things on the to do list, some how cracked the windscreen at Calder at the drags i blame the solid engine/gearbox mounts vibrating the crap out of the car.
1. Replace Cracked Windscreen
2. Cracked my GK manifold so have put the stock one back on but that’s frying some hoses so got to fit a stock heat shield on
3. Flares, i thought i could get away without them but the rims are poking out a bit to much on the rear ive lived with it for now but i better sort something out.

In other news i have been meaning to learn how to weld for a while so i can fabricate some parts and modify the trailer a bit so finally i Have ordered a welder to get into some fabrication, I ordered the Token Tools MIG200 Ill maybe make another post purely on the welder but there is pic of it below

Some other notable mentions in the past 5 months.
GKTECH – They have been releasing some awesome products and supporting the drift scene in competitions with sponsorships and the like so if you have a silvia or skyline you should defintely check out there facebook and website.
Calder Park Drift – Drift seems to have taken off at Calder Park there was ADGP, Calder organized drift practices and also there have been at least two private days run that i know of.
VicDrift – After a rollover at an event this year the club has made the decision to improve the standard of roll cages effective 2013 check the Vicdrift Website / Facebook for more info.


Vic Drift Matsuri 2012 Getting the Car Ready


One of the most exciting drift events in Victoria is coming up 25th and 26th of February Vic Drift Matsuri!

Confirmed on the Vicdrift facebook page: ENTRIES OPEN Monday 30th of January at 8PM

Entries should be opening up soon most likely 25th of January i would suggest whether your coming up to drift or watch book your accommodation quickly for this two day event.
For my Car i still have a bit to get done at the moment but at least i have tyres already, but after the last event i had some bad noises from the gearbox and also my manifold broke to the point of the turbo nearly falling off. So the Gearbox and Turbo are off the car at moment.

1. Got my flywheel machined and a Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit my previous clutch was a exedy heavy duty 5 puck which i never had any issues with but while gearbox is off best to replace it.

Old and New Clutch

2. The gearbox is pulled apart and going to be dropped off to be stripped and rebuild to get rid of the nasty sound

While replacing the clutch i replaced the spigot bush / input bush it looked a bit squashed in the edge, there is a good trick to getting this bush out i tried circlip pliers and other tools but the method that worked was packing grease in the hole and then put a 1/2 extension with a 13mm socket on it and hit it hard with a hammer it took about 4 or so hits and it slowly came out.

3. Last event the manifold i had cracked all the way around so i am putting the stock one back on so need to do that after the gearbox is back in pictures of cracked manifold below.

4. When i took the gearbox off i saw that the gearbox mount was completely broken so i ordered new engine mounts and gearbox mount which should arrive soon so gotta take the old engine mounts out as well.
New mounts below.

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