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Last 5 Months

Its been a while since an update, Matsuri is long past and was a great weekend as normal had some issues, my seat broke had to pull it apart and re-weld and reinforce it. Since Matsuri i haven’t been to many drift days taken a little break, I did take the Silvia down the the

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Tandem Car Tilt Trailer

Hiring a Trailer for every drift day is expensive so construction Started a few months ago on a custom Tandem tilt trailer Requirements 1. Load car without pine sleepers or smashing front bar 2. Open door when car is loaded 3. Have a tyre rack so after taking measurements we started. Frame is put together

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New Shoes for the S13

I have purchased some new rims. My old rims are Impul 16×8 and 16×7 they required like a 30mm spacers on back and 25mm on front to make the wheels flush. Its was time to upgrade to 17’s and get rid of the spacers and run the more common tyres size 235/45/17. Some might shun

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