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Installing R32 GTR Seats into S13

I picked up some Skyline r32 GTR seats for the s13, these seats hold you in way better than the stock s13 seats. These seats 3/4 bolts will line up to the stock mounting points, the rear mount closest to the door wont line up however, it will be approx 2-3cm short, see below pic.

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Installing Subframe Collars

1. Ok Jack up the car and put it on jack stands as usual, take the wheels off for a bit better access if you like. There are 4 main sub frame bolts and 4 normal supporting bolts on the front to main bolts. 2. Unbolt the 4 smaller supporting bolts, i unbolted the bottom

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Installing Injectors

Hooray Injectors, Got 740cc Nismo Injectors Time to install Get new O rings for your new injectors, see part numbers in the pictures there are larger ones for top and smaller for bottom see picture for where they need to go on the injector. A friend lent me his ‘Injector Pullers’ which he made, they

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