Installing Rack Spacers, Tie Rods, Tie rod Ends

I got some more goodies to install before the next winton on 31/07/2010

The Goodies

Tie Rod Ends
Tie Rods
New Boots
Rack End Spacers
Sub frame Collars – in another blog post

So at the last Winton i broke a tie rod at the end of the day :(

Replacing Tie rods / Tie rod ends

1. Take a measurement of how the tie rods are currently adjusted before you takem them off so you can but it back roughly the same before and alignment.
To Remove the existing tie rods and tie rod ends you need to take the wheel off for easy access, now bent the cotter pin straight and take it out.
loosen the bolt off so that its on the thread but undone.

2. Now you can get the tie rod end off a number of ways, i tried a tie rod puller but it didn’t do shit and was very tight and just wouldn’t come out. My dad gave me a tip to use a hammer and ‘shock’ it out so we got a large hammer and hit the outer edge of where the tie rod end goes into and it just dropped loose. Remove the bolt and it should fall through now you can loosen the adjuster nut on the tie rod and you should be able to unwind the tie rod end from the tie rod.

3. Alright so the tie rod end is out and now we need to get the tie rod out of the steering rack, if it has a boot then remove that and if you havnt removed them before there is a locking disc at the end and it is folded over the tie rod to stop it coming loose use a screw driver to bash it back. The tie rod is 30mm so get a 300 mm cresent / shifter or if you have a 30mm spanner even better and undo it.

4. Alright so Tie rod and tie rod ends are off, now get your spacer and put it on the end of the thread like below, now i dont think you can use the locking disc anymore so chuck a bit of locktight on the thread put your boot on and wind it back on and tighten it up real good.

5. Now that the tie rod is in lets put the tie rod end in, just wind it onto the tie rod and use your initial measurements to put it approx right length put it in the hub and do up the nut fairly tight, put the cotter pin in again.

6. Do the other side and then put your wheels back on see if the wheels look aligned straight ahead |           | if they arnt then adjust the tie rods once done tighten the adjustment locking nut.

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