Installing Subframe Collars

1. Ok Jack up the car and put it on jack stands as usual, take the wheels off for a bit better access if you like.
There are 4 main sub frame bolts and 4 normal supporting bolts on the front to main bolts.

2. Unbolt the 4 smaller supporting bolts, i unbolted the bottom of the coilovers as well but you probably dont need to do that.
Now evenly undo all 4 bolts so the nut is full of bolt the subframe should drop down a little just wiggle it around a little and it may come down more.

4. Now the C shape collars just slide over the TOP half of the subframe so try slide those in above all 4 they should sit nicely and evenly if its a bit of trouble to get it in your can pry the subframe a little or you can wait for the next step to put it in.

5. If you got all the C collars on yay for you if not then fear not we can put them in one at a time also with the lower collars, So pick one of the main nuts and undo it all the way onces its off put your top C one in if you havnt already then you should have a ‘cap’ from the bottom of the bolt place the bottom collar inside this then put it back on and do up the bolt onto the thread loosely.

6. Rinse and repeat the above and then you can go along and tighten all the main bolts up again, be sure to put the 4 supporting bolts back on and your done.

Here is some pics.

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