Installing R32 GTR Seats into S13

I picked up some Skyline r32 GTR seats for the s13, these seats hold you in way better than the stock s13 seats.

These seats 3/4 bolts will line up to the stock mounting points, the rear mount closest to the door wont line up however, it will be approx 2-3cm short, see below pic.

So to fit them there was a couple of options…

1. A suggestion on was to drill the spot weld on the original s13 seat leg off and on the new gtr seat rail and weld the s13 leg on as its longer.

2. And what i did, make a bracket to ‘extend’ the bracket, i did this way because one day i might want to resell these or sell my original seats. It turned out to be very sturdy and does the job !

So take a look at the pictures below and you can figure out how i did it.

Note i used some left over materials so there is extra holes in it

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