Winton Vic Drift Practice Day 20/03/2011

With Drift Matsuri not long ago there was a few less people than normal which made for very good flow not to mention the track is now running open with now start line and just slow points which has improved the events much much more.

The Weather was great, pretty hot there were alot of quality cars out there. I had a pretty good day only 1 blown silicon hose for the day had heaps of track time.

There were not many incidents all day but one big 3 car accident at the end of the day that i didn’t witness but saw the aftermath of and looks like 2 cars written off and 1 car with minor damage.

Anyway enough talk i have uploaded all the unedited video from Group A and B. The group C videos are very big and are still uploading but they are static camera shots of the S bends so if you were in group C then your bound to see yourself in those when they are uploaded.

Check back for group C in next few days.

So as usual view below or if you want to view in HD go to youtube link below.

Group C

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