Tandem Car Tilt Trailer

Hiring a Trailer for every drift day is expensive so construction Started a few months ago on a custom Tandem tilt trailer

1. Load car without pine sleepers or smashing front bar
2. Open door when car is loaded
3. Have a tyre rack

so after taking measurements we started.

Frame is put together and Painted the underneath Aqua Marine these pictures are upside down btw :)

After turning it over the right way started construction of the side rails and the tail lights and also the tyre rack this is pre paint on top.

Some locking tabs to stop the tray tilting when driving down the highway

As you can see above the checker has started to get a bit of surface rust, i took to it with a wire wheel on the grinder and it came up like new again then i chucked some paint on it. I got some new rims and tyres.

More Updates Soon



The Trailer is pretty much completed it weighed in at 680KG with ramps and tyre rack.

The silvia had a test load and a few technical problems arose.

Here are the pics and a video of unloading the silvia for the first time.


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