New Shoes for the S13

I have purchased some new rims.

My old rims are Impul 16×8 and 16×7 they required like a 30mm spacers on back and 25mm on front to make the wheels flush.

Its was time to upgrade to 17’s and get rid of the spacers and run the more common tyres size 235/45/17.

Some might shun the rotas because there not ‘JDM’ but for value for money they are great and i’m willing to try them if it saves me over a grand for some epic looking rims.

Rota RB-X
Front 17×9 -13
Rear 17×9.5 -19
Wrapped in 235/45/17

I am still figuring out the fitment issues due to the offsets, but so far the front looks like it tucks in nicely with what camber i already had on there.
The rear on the other hand is looking like i will need a bolt on flares and possibly take a grinder to the guards.

I am yet to have a wheel alignment and it looks like its running decent negative camber on the rear maybe -1.5 to -2 which when i put the camber to -0.5 to get even tyre wear will bring it out even further.

See Pics

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