Winton 5/09/2009

wintonWell it was my first time at trying to drift, i have been too Winton twice before once to watch another Vicdrift event and once for the Winton Fun Day when  i went on track doing circut which was a blast.

It was a great day stayed in the beginners section for the day and only left for lunch got as much time on track as i could, the guys in the beginners section Shane and Tom gave me some good tips and i improved a hell of alot from in the morning trying to feint drift to hand brake entries after lunch.

I had a couple of mishaps dropped a wheel into a pot hole before the ripple strip while sideways and damaged one of the rims a little nothing major and bend the edge of one of the front most brace that the end of the castor rod bolts onto which can also be bent back with no problems.

Since the day i have looked over the car and noticed one of my coilovers front left was loose and had burred the spacer on it, i had to turn over the spacer and tighten the nut and it appears to be fine now.

Pictures & Videowinton2

There was a photographer at the day who got some good pictures see link below

JRM Photography

You Tube Videos





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