Tyre Rack – First Welding Project

Requirements Materials
1.  3 Levels for Tyres 2 Lengths of 40mmx40mm 8m 1.6mm
2. 4 Tyres per level Difficulty
3. Suit 4×17 inch Rims with a 235/45/17 tyre inflated 2/10
My first welding project was to make a Tyre rack, so i made some measurements and got some steel cut up, unfortunately my measurements were wrong i only added the profile of the tyre twice to the calculated diameter so i was about 100mm short on the diameter doh and i realized this of course after i had put the first level in so i cut it apart and moved the level down this also meant i had to extend the top of the tyre rack as well.For my first solo welding job i thought i did Ok 70% of the welds were nice. If you were thinking of making a tyre rack from my beginners experience i rated it at 2/10 difficulty and that was with me messing up the measurements.
16′ on Bottom Level, 17′ on Middle and Top

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