Removing Aircon

Removing the aircon is next step for my s13, i wanted to take it out in one peice not like most guides i read where you have to bend the pipes to get them out.

So first things first, this isnt the quick and easy guide its the lets not do things the hard way guide.

So i started by taking off the front bumper and the intercooler and the intercooler pipes.

Once you have the FMIC intercooler and bumper off you will see the silver cylinder which i think is a Dryer of some kind from what i googled. There should be a valve on the front where you can get it professionally degassed.

canisterthing2 canisterthing

After the gas is out there are two aircon pipes that go into the top of the silver canister, unbolt those and you can just pull them off.


Next thing is to take the radiator out, drain the coolant from the plastic bung and then undo the bottom radiator hose and catch the rest of the water with a bucket or something. after that unbolt the radiator there is two bolts on brackets holding the radiator down. Next your radiator shroud unbolt this from radiator once done you should be able to just pull the radiator out straight up. After that is out take the shroud out as well.



Wow starting to look roomy isn’t it take a look at the picture you can see there are two bolts holding the aircon condenser in on each side at the top, unbolt those and just tilt it back toward the engine, this will reveal another pipe connection that you have to undo, once that is undone you can lift it straight out!


Now that this is done we can focus on the compressor and coolant lines. unbolt the 2 coolant lines from the firewall the small one should be free now the larger one goes to the compressor.


Take a look at this picture see the rear of the compresser there will be two coolant lines there, unbolt those from the compressor, you should be able to get the larger line out now the smaller line has a join half way through it you can unbolt this and remove it as two peices.

OH dont forget there is a eletrical switch on the side of the compressor dont forget to unplug this one as well :)

So now you should have all the lines out the only thing left should be the compressor.


Kind of shitty picture but if you look carefully you can see the compresser at bottom and just above it the power steering pump, i didn’t want to cut my belt for air con as it was pretty much new so i loosened off the power steering pump belt and then i was able to loosen the compressor belt by loosening the free wheeling pully. Do either and take off the belt.


Right so with the belt off look at the side of the compressor there is two bolts on top and two underneath. Easiest way is to unbolt the top two from on top of the car and then get underneath and unbolt the other two while holding compressor, it will come off fairly easily then you will be left with a chunky mount with the free wheeling pully. There is around 4 bolts holding that on unbolt them all and it will fall off as well.


Wow so much more room so clean ! i used a can of degreaser to spray all over the block and surrounding areas to clean off all the oil and grime so this is what the side should look like without the compressor on.

If you are happy to just do the engine bay air con components then you can put everything back together. I am going to take the evaporator out to from the firewall i will post pictures and further info on how to do this.

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